Conti Machinery

Nestled quietly within the heart of Monaco is a small but perfectly formed factory, hand crafting espresso machines since 1957.

With nearly 60 years of manufacturing experience, privately owned and operated business Conti is synonymous with exceptional quality and reliability from its machinery. Combining this with a genuine passion for innovation and fantastic coffee makes us one of the rising stars within the machine world.

Our machines

Monte Carlo

Our incredible multi boiler flagship, incorporates years of design and research into one beautifully modelled machine.

We have combined pre-heated coffee boilers with a PID-controlled group head heating cartridge to perfectly polish the espresso temperature and achieve incredible results in the cup.

Available in custom colours


Designed for the aspiring barista and high volume operator.

We have built upon the features pioneered within the CC100 model by incorporating advanced electronics, the X-ONE allows the user to monitor coffee quality, machine performance and provides audit trails to help keep any business in touch with their sales.

Available in custom colours


The CC100 series features exceptional build quality, consistent espresso
extraction, compact size and incredible value for money.

Available in numerous colours and configurations from small and compact
1 group through to a 3 group for higher volume location.

Available in red,
white or black

Our grinders

Quamar Q50 E

Compact and noiseless, Q50 E has been developed as a response to our customers’ specific requirements. This on-demand coffee grinder with electronic adjustments can produce up to 1.5 kg of coffee powder per day


Quamar Q1375 E

Electronic on-demand coffee grinder with a user-friendly touch-screen display and touch-sensitive keypad.  Its 75 mm flat blades can grind up to 6 kg of coffee per day.


Compak E6

The Compak E6 is a high speed, fully capable commercial espresso grinder. The easy to adjust “Parallel Adjustment System” allows the burrs to stay locked where you set them, while still being easy to adjust when you need.

the E6 is capable of grinding a typical 18 gram espresso in just over 4 seconds


Compak E8

The Compak E8 is the latest in the line of Essential On-Demand grinders. Featuring a large touch enable interface that controls dosing, counts, and burr warnings, as well as large 83mm flat burrs.

Capable of grinding a typical 18 gram espresso dose in just under 4 seconds.


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